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In order to create a perfect garment, consideration must be given to the sewing industry's accessories in addition to the fabric, stitches, and labor of the employees. There are artistically manufactured accessories in addition to the basic accessories that are required to complete the look of the clothing. When worn with these accessories, costumes like tops, skirts, and gowns enhance the wearer's elegance.

This article is intended to give you some knowledge related to apparel, to help you have a more complete view of the clothes you wear every day. Let's find out what garment accessories are with SCT.


Garment accessories include:


According to properties, sewing thread includes 2 types:

- Sewing thread from natural fibers: including cotton thread and silk thread, used quite popular in the garment industry.

- Yarn of chemical fibers: consisting of yarn from artificial fibers and synthetic fibers.

Because it is responsible for linking the parts of a garment, deciding on a part of product quality, the selection of sewing threads should consider the criteria: durability, color fastness, elasticity, cleanliness. , ...

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In order to get durable and durable garments, it is necessary to go through certain stitches

Construction materials

Construction materials are used to shape garments, such as creating shapes for details, creating bulges, creating hard surfaces, shaping garments to suit human form, and some construction materials. also has a warming effect.

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The long collar is shaped like a lotus flower

Mounting material

Daisies, with an opening and closing effect, can be worn and removed easily, and some buttons are made for decoration. Based on the material we have plastic buttons, metallic buttons, wooden buttons, ...

Zipper, usually made of plastic or metal, the zipper is considered good need to be durable, tight and strong, the color is compatible with the product color.

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The successive small buttons make the shirt more beautiful

Other accessories

In addition to the aforementioned accessories, the garment industry also uses accessories such as: elastic bands, bags, hangers, logos, poker (ornament), decorative chains, laces, etc.

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The floral lace makes the dress simple but striking

Not playing a major role in creating products, but not so that these accessories lose their importance. Whether a product is completed or not, is perfect or not still has to mention the garment accessories.



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