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It is essential for clothing accessories to complete an outfit or a product from a sewing machine table, such as hats, shoes, briefcases, purses, and so on. In addition to being a component of a finished product, garment auxiliary materials are also essential for making a good look more beautiful and impressive.


Just as bricks cannot build a house, materials such as cement, sand, stone, etc. are required. A piece of fabric cannot make a product that is required in the garment industry. necessary components So, what are garment accessories, and what should you look for when purchasing garment accessories? Your questions will be answered by the following information:

Garment accessories include:

1. Material for bonding

Bonding materials, as the most important accessory in apparel, play a role in binding product components together. Sewing thread, glue, and tape are examples of materials.

  • Thread: Sewing thread comes in two varieties based on its structure and color: natural fiber sewing thread (made from cotton and silk thread) and chemical sewing thread (made from synthetic fiber or artificial silk thread).
  • Glue and tape: There are numerous types suitable for various materials, such as paper glue, fabric glue, and mosquito net glue. Anti-stretch glue, tendon mesh glue

2. Materials for construction

Are materials used to create stickers for garments such as hard surfaces, shaping products, puffiness, detailed forms, or warming clothes. Paper propping, fabric edging, shoulder pads, bra pads, and a back belt are all included.

3. Material for installation

Buttons and zippers that close, open, or decorate the outfit are examples of fastening accessories.

  • Buttons: There are many different types of buttons on the market today, all with different colors, designs, and sizes made of popular materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and so on.


Plastic buttons
  • Zippers: usually made from plastic or metal in a variety of colors and sizes. Includes Trouser Zipper, Float Zipper, Teardrop Zipper, Copper Zipper, Aluminum Zipper



Plastic zipper

4. Material for decoration

Lace, chain, pearl, crystal, lacquer, banner, stone, sequins, and other materials are included. These decorative materials contribute to the aesthetics of garment products.


Pearl - decorative accessories




A few things to consider when purchasing clothing accessories

Garment accessories may not be expensive, but if you choose inappropriate materials, they do not guarantee durability or quality, wasting money and time while also failing to achieve value. As desired, the product's aesthetic. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for sewing thread, the most important and also the most difficult material in the category of garment accessories.


Excellent thread selection for sewing

If sewing thread is chosen incorrectly, it will be broken, broken, stitches will jump, uneven, and seams will wrinkle.

Consider the following when selecting sewing thread:

Thread color: The color only affects the quality of the thread; it is recommended to use a darker thread color than the fabric color; however, black and white thread can be used in non-visible areas to save money.

Thread evenness: Although each product has a different thickness variation, the type with the fewest thick and thin sections should be chosen.

Thread shrinkage is only affected by washing or heating, so choose a thread with a shrinkage that matches the shrinkage of the fabric. If the sewing thread shrinks faster than the fabric, the seam may wrinkle when impacted.

Elasticity and elongation: Lack of elasticity leads to


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